Green Fire Whirlwind

Green Fire Whirlwind

It's easy to make your own green fire whirlwind or twister. This is a variation of the regular fire tornado project, except using a flame colorant to produce green fire.

Green Fire Whirlwind Materials

  • cylindrical mesh container (such as stapled chicken wire, screen or a metal mesh trashcan)
  • turntable or carousel (or even a rotating chair or stool)
  • methanol or other alcohol
  • boric acid, borax or copper sulfate

Make the Green Fire Whirlwind

  1. Make sure the mesh cylinder fits on the turntable and freely rotates.
  2. Prepare a colorant fuel: Dissolve some boric acid in a small amount of methanol. If you don't have methanol, you can use borax or copper sulfate with rubbing alcohol.
  3. Place a fireproof container of the colorant fuel inside the mesh cylinder, which is on the turntable.
  4. Ignite the fuel and give the turntable a spin.
  5. The fire will go out on its own or you can blow it out.

Watch a video of this fire project.

Safety Information

Use reasonable precautions when performing fire projects. Do not perform this green fire project near flammable object. Have a means of extinguishing the fire, should an accident occur. While this project may be performed using solid fuel, the spinning surface may cause a solid to fly outward, presenting a hazard. The use of liquid fuel is advised. Methanol is toxic and may be absorbed through the skin, so if you use this chemical, avoid skin contact or inhalation of fumes.